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10 Ways To Keep Motivated

10 Ways to Keep Motivated

1Think constructive– don’t dwell on the pitfalls-focus solely on the payback. For example, if you are applying for a new job or an endorsement, visualize how great it will feel to earn more wealth.

2- Keep objective realistic.

3-See in your mind’s eye the outcome-if you are finding it hard to stick to a diet, keep imagining how good you will look when you’ve shed those unwanted kilos.

4-Reward yourself –give yourself habitual treats for sticking to yours goals. For example, if you are giving up smoking use money you have saved for massage and haircut.

5-Enlist the support of a friend-it’s easier to stick with a plan if there are two of you. You can help motivate each other.

6-Keep a progress that chart-Keeping a record of what you achieve will help to spur you on.

7-Take one day at a time-think in days rather than months-it’s less daunting.

8-Get plenty of sleep-it’s hard to keep motivated if you are tired. An early night will give you more energy for the following days.

9-Aim small to begin with-instead of thinking ‘I’ve got to go on a diet’. Start by cutting out sugar in your tea. That will get the ball rolling and it will be easier to move on to next stage.

10-Keep going and don’t give up your plans just because you have slipped up a few times. That’s predictable. The significant thing is not to give up.

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