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Advantages Of Breastfeeding

Advantages Of BreastfeedingWhen you become a mother you indeed experience the most wonderful feeling of bringing a whole new life into this world,your very own baby.With motherhood begins a life long relationship of love and care with your child.After giving birth your goal is to give your child the best of everything including food,education etc.So the best possible thing to start with is to breastfeed your baby,this would be the one of the most important contributions to the healthy growth and well being of your baby from you.Since you want to provide everything at its best for your baby why not start with providing him the best nourishment ever that is breast milk.It is the most advanced easiest and economic way of feeding your infant.

Lets start by what is breast feeding.It means to feed an infant with breast milk directly from human female breasts rather than a baby bottle or other container(source:wikipedia).Breast feeding is also commonly known as nursing and lactation.The World Health Organization and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend exclusive breast feeding for the first six months of life.Keeping in view the benefits AAP suggest that it should be continued upto twelve months.The term exclusive breastfeeding means that no other suplement not even water should be given to the baby during first six months.By breast feeding your baby you not only ensure that you are providing him or her the best possible infant food and ideal nourishment but you will also develop a bond of selfless love and care with your baby.IThe advantages of breast feeding are not only for your baby but for you as well.

First of all,we will take a look at the Benefits of Breastfeeding For The Baby:

Breast milk has the right balance of nutrients which are necessary tothe growth of an infant into a strong and healthy kid.It provides more than the best nutrition so the babies fed on breastmilk have more immunity than the babies fed on formula.

During beast feeding certain antibodies are passed to the baby which acts as anti-infective agents and thus your child is safe from many diseases.Numerous studies over the years have proved the fact that babies fed on breastmilk experinced fewer illnesses.A 1995 study of 87 infants found that breastfed babies had half the incidence of diarrheal illness.(source:wikipedia ).

The composition of breastmilk helps in protection of some common childhood diseases such as middle ear infections,some lung infections. Studies have also shown that babies fed on breastmilk are less prone to allergies.

Moreover breastfed babies are more healthier and rarely constipated as breast milk is easily digested.

During breastfeeding Taurine an amino acid is passed to the baby which helps in the optimium brain growth thus they are expected to be more intelligent.

A significant reduction was also obsereved in the death rate of children who were breastfed during first twelve months than those who were fed formula milk.

Breastfeeding offers lots of Benefit For The Mothers as well:

Mothers who breastfeed thier infants have a higher rate of recovery from pregnancy and delivery.In response to baby’s sucking milk from breasts a hormone oxytocin is released which causes the uterus to contract more quickly and return to its normal shape resulting in the faster postpartum recovery.

During breastfeeding a mothers body uses the fats to produce milk which are stored in body resulting in faster weightloss,studies have shown that upto five hundred calories can be burned by breast feeding mothers daily thus they lose weight more quickly.

Breast feeding also helps women to keep hormonal balance which is affected adversely during pregnancy.Not only it helps mother’s body but it also helps mother’s mind.The hormones which help in production of milk also make them feel peaceful and relax.

It also reduces the risk of breast cancer,some uterine and ovarian cancers upto 25%.Women who have breastfed are less prone to osteoporosis than those who have not in their older life.

It may also help in birth control naturally though it is not garanteed as breast feeding may supress ovulation resulting in late return to fertility.

Breast milk is always available and needs no refrigeration or sterilization.

It is very economic and most cost effective nutrition provided to your baby by yourself,on the other hand formula milk might become a burden on your budget.

Breastfed babies are easy to take with you, no need to take bottles etc. along.

Night feeding are easier,you don’t have to get up wash and heat bottles.

Lots of physical contact brings mother and baby emotionally closer and helps mothers a lot in understanding and knowing your baby.It makes you feel accomplished that you have nurtured your baby in the best possible way and it will help in developing a lifelong relationship of love between a mother and her child.Advantages Of Breastfeeding

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