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Anti Ageing Your Food Plan To Stay Young

Anti Aging Food Plan To Stay Young
Anti Aging Food Plan To Stay Young

Anti aging is not just sticking around for a little longer, but Anti aging is to slow down the aging process. It involves one’s past, present and future. Our past is with us and we can not change it but we can use our present to achieve our youth goals. We can participate in youth or anti-aging process to see ourselves alive, fit and healthy in future. We can all have control over how we age; it is not just by buying pills or cremes, or joining a club. You can plane an anti aging program with the foods that help you to participate in your anti-aging process.
Here are some foods and drinks just put them in your daily meal plans and fight age-related illnesses and get many anti-aging resources. Staying 5 to 10% below ideal body weight is a good target for anti-aging.
Make water your primary drinks because there are no calories in it. It keeps your skin fresh. Water is the best natural drink without chemicals and calories for your longevity.
Avocados help to fight fat and maintain the cholesterol level, so are good for anti aging program. It provides a lot of vitamin E and helps to keep a healthy skin and prevents skin aging. It is also helpful to prevent high blood-pressure.
All berries such as black and blue berries are powerful anti-oxidants and help to keep anti-aging resources. Berries contain some nutrients which are used to repair damages caused by aging.
Garlic is best to reduce cholesterol levels and to assist blood thinning effectively than aspirin. It is helpful to protect heart from diseases.
Nuts are high in calories but if you add a little quantity as in salads or deserts then you can have a rich quantity of potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper, these all will keep your skin controlled and prevent from aging. Walnuts are a source of omega-3.
Green vegetables are very nutrients and supply a lot of vitamins. Some of these vegetables must be included in your meal plane in any form.
Green vegetables like spinach contain folic acid, cauliflower, beans and tomatoes are very much good for your health and work as anti-aging agents.
Green tea provides relaxation and is very much useful for fat reducing, so can be included in anti-aging meal planning.

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