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Ayurvedic Treatment for Acne

Ayurvedic Treatment for AcneAyurveda is one of the most famous and one o f the most reliable treatments in this word, people have been using it for ages, we did have it when we were living stone age and actually the way we were treating our skin and body issues is actually called ayurveda. we have gone through 1000s of ages and now we have some very authentic and ancient treatments, we do can say that there is always a cure when you pick ayurveda to treat any disease or any disorder.

Today we are going to treat acne with some simple Ayurvedic option and we are Ayurvedic treatment for acne which is one of the most suitable for that because they treat things without side effects. Actually Ayurvedic treatment treat acne with the base thought that it is actually a way of your body to tell that there is something wrong with your digestive system or some imbalances issues with your eating habits, they do keep hormonal imbalances in their mind too when they treat acne or pimples so let’s treat acne with the best safest treatment possible.

According to the Ayurveda these food options can be a good solution
If the weather is hot then avoid excessive sugary and oily food and try to eat less and drink plain running water.

  • Eat fresh fruits as much as possible.
  • Add leafy greens in your day to day food.
  • Avoid pungent and spicy food.

If you are not on some kind of special diet plan then stop eating all the time, just eat three times a day and don’t eat any kind o snake and anything like that in between these meals and if you want to eat some fruit or something then you can eat it as a lunch or breakfast, don’t eat lunch and fruit too, that might be making your digestive system too busy and it feels existed.

Ayurveda state that there are so many foods that are not incompatible with each other and if you eat the together you will get skin issues, like fish and milk, cucumber and water, beat root and water.

If you don’t feel hungry then don’t eat anything at all, if you are not feeling like you need to eat food then don’t eat, Drink water and you will be fine, when your body need new food it will tell you, but when it is too tired to making energy from your food and you eat more food that will make it slow and lazy and eventually you will get visible skin problems like acne and pimples.

Now we are going to give you some essential oils and herbs to treat your acne. Neem is very good for so many skin problems, acne being one of them, so you can use it any ways, you can eat it, make a thick pat of Neem laves and apply over your skin and you can use the Neem water to take a bath too. Strawberries and strawberry leaves are one of the best things that you can use to treat skin disorders.

Burdock root is very good not only for your skin, but for your immune system too. you can eat it and you can make a thick paste of it and apply as a mask too.

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