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Bad Habits For Your Beauty

Bad Habits For Your BeautySometime we look absolutely beautiful and classy and then we do something that make your look so unconfident like biting a nail off or smearing lipstick right across your lips, of many other things and we do have so many bad things that we do regularly and sabotage all of our struggle to get beautiful and flawless looks like falling asleep with your makeup on, sit in sun to get tan and many many other things and here are some horrible habits that you should get rid of right now.

Too Much Touching To Your Skin is a bad and a horrible habit normally all girls do that, many women keep touching their acne, scars and they keep pealing them and unintentionally the scratch out the natural layer of collagen and end up with depressed scars, touching your scabs and pimples can cause infection and make things even more complicated and worse and even more untreatable, and you might get some permanent marks over your face and that would be the last thing that you want and if you don’t want to face a permanent scar then you need to get rid of that habit immediately, If you get acne, just don’t touch it, it is not a big deal and if someone is making it then ignore that one.

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Don’t bite your nails not only it will make you look so horrible and will ruin your look and the way your nails and your hands look, but they will make you a very confused and unconditioned person, it is a health risk too, cause normally we touch thousands of surfaces and objects every day and we kind of stored these germs in our nails and when we enter them in our mouth we kind of eat these germs too, yikes! Don’t do that, wash your hands with warm water and best antibacterial wash at least three times a day and wash your hand before every meal.

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Don’t forget to wash your face three times a day and never forget to remove all the cosmetic and all the dirt from your face before you get to bet cause these will literally get in your pores by the time you get up in the morning and if you don’t want to deal with black heads, white heads, pimple and premature aging and 100s of other things then wash your face before you get in bed and take a worm shower and use a loofah at least 5 times a week, but with smooth and gentle hands.

Be good with your body, this is the one and the only body you have to live.

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