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Basic Stain Removal Tips

Basic Stain Removal Tips
Basic Stain Removal Tips

Basic stain removal tips:Some time do you have your favorite clothes but your dog get mud stains on your favorite piece of clothing and you must will be upset but don’t worry about these types of stains,no doubt stains involving blood, grease or wax can be a big challenge for you that how to remove these stains from your favorite clothes or furniture, here are some valuable tips while using these tips you’ll be able to remove the stains. Many stain removal products are available in market like ox clean is very effective for many stain removal situations; sometimes simple items such as laundry detergent, vinegar or bleach are effective too. These basic stain removal tips are so, good for any kind of fabric.

Stain removal for ink:

As you know ink stain is really a one stain from the difficult stains to treat and these stains can damage
your clothes or furniture quickly. If the stain is on water base ink you may clean it easily while applying
water on that stain and blot it clean with a dry cloth. If the ink is permanent so, this stain need to apply
rubbing alcohol to the stain. You may also use the fingernail polish or baking soda (mixed with water) for
removing the ink stain.

How to remove a lipstick stain:

As lipstick is oily and waxy and it remain a nasty stain on the cloths. You may remove it by pretreating
the spot with a stain remover, like resolve then let it for 4-6 hours after this scrub it with laundry
detergent until the stain disappear. If the color of your cloth is white use the bleach if the cloth is
colorful so, use color safe bleach. Rinse it and then wash your cloth in the hottest water that is safe for
the fabric. If the stain isn’t removing clearly so repeat it again. Avoid putting the cloth in the drier until
the you are sure they stain removed.

Removing a makeup stain from clothing:

Every woman faces this problem whenever they apply makeup, on more than one occasion as makeup
are different some makeup are oily and some are not so, here are a few tips to remove the makeup
stains from clothes. If do you have a stain on your cloth so try to remove it quickly because if it stays
longer on the cloth, the more likely it will be permanent stain on the fabric. First apply a pretreatment
like shout, or resolve, to the stain then leave it for few hours and rinse after that with laundry soap and
scrub it until the stain not clearly removed. Repeat this process if necessary. You may use white vinegar
to remove the non oily stains of makeup.

Stain removal for pet;

If your pet pass urine in your home on your carpet. These stains look bad and stinky too. To remove
these types of stain use lemon juice and mix it in half cup of water and remove the stain it will not only

remove the stain but it also leave it the fresh and odor less.

Rust stain removal:

These stains bother a lot to the people and mostly people show annoying on these rust stains. But you
can remove these stains easily while using lemon juice or white vinegar. Rhubarb is also more effective
product to get rid from rust stains .firstly cut the rhubarb then boil them and leave it for 15 minutes and
then use this mixture to remove the rust stain.

Grout stains removal:

Dirty kitchen or bathroom not only give the unattractive look but also show the lower value of the
home. And if you want to sail your home it will make impossible to sail it .as many home owners are
very carefully about the carpet stains or clothing stains but they neglect the grout stains. So, to remove
the grout stains laundry detergent is fine .firstly wet the grout with warm water and then apply the
detergent then while using the cleaning brush or old toothbrush scrub the grout area .after the grout
has been scrubbed, simply rinse the grout with a cloth a mop.

So, whenever there will be a stain situation which will be occur in your home you may remove the
stains easily while using these tips. It’s a great idea to put these stain removal items in your home and
be ready for any type of stain and act fast.


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