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Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom decorating ideas
Bathroom decorating ideas

Bathroom Decorating Ideas It is very much important to decorate bathrooms like other rooms because these are too rooms and each day you use it even at starting of the day. So, it should be comfortable and nicely decorated. You can change your bathroom in a comfortable room even if your bathroom is very small. It should not be a neglected place.
SELECTION OF COLOR: It is well said that light color reflect light and the space makes an illusion of wide area whereas dark colors absorb a lot of light and space looks small and congested. So, use light colors for the walls of your bathroom. You can use light blue or light green colors, these are best but white, and peach, olive green or light skin may also be used.
WALLPAPERS OR MURAL: If the space of your bathroom is small then you can choose the wallpaper with sky blue color or a mural on the wall reflecting an open area. If the ceiling of the bathroom is too low then you have to paint the walls in vertical strips of two different light colors. It will show the walls high more.
LIGHT SETTLEMENTS: There should be some place for the entrance of natural light in a bathroom. The entrance light of the Sun at day time and the dim light of Moon and stars at the night wiil reflect broadness of your room. It is better to have a window on the outside.For your convenience you can have both dim and bright lights in your bathroom. Dims lights show softness and effect your temperament and bright lights are a requirement for make up etc. you can choose various shapes and colors of light fixtures for your bathroom. Nowadays drum shapes are simply of many lights and they are particularly great for spreading maximum light as compared to other shapes.
MIRRORS: Any bathroom is incomplete without a mirror. Use a big size of mirror above the sink because mirrors attract light and reflect it too and show more brightness and broadness. Frameless mirrors are more useful for small bathrooms but you can use different shapes of mirrors according to your choice. If there is any defect in the wall of your bathroom then you can hide it easily by hanging a mirror there.
CABINET: There should be at least one wooden cabinet or drawer in bathroom for accessories. It should be of the same color as the other accessories like shower set, or it can be a good combination of wall color. If your bathroom is very small you can hang a cabinet in one corner it requires no much space.
REMODELING: If you are going to remodel your bathroom then leave some place open on just above the shower area, it will enlighten the area and will reflect wideness.
NECESSARY ARRANGEMENTS: Your bathroom should be nicely arranged with all its necessities like towel etc. it will show sophistication and keep you relaxed. Its best to hang some flowers or money plants in one corner of the bathroom.

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