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Beauty Mistakes! You Need To Avoid

Beauty Mistakes! You Need To Avoid5 Few days back I bought a magnifying glass and then I fixed it on the wall just near that mirror I used to get ready, I bought it and then I forget about it completely and then when I was completely ready to go I suddenly looked in the magnifying and I saw that my base was so chalky and that was the one thing I have always been so sure and I was stunted that no one ever told me that I look so fake with that base, and similar to that there are millions of things that we feel are good for us, but actually they are not and no one bother to tell us and here are some of the common beauty goof ups that women make and you can avoid to look beauty blunder.Beauty Mistakes! You Need To Avoid
Normally we keep using that something in our 40s or 30s that we used to use in our teens and we feel that we look the same, but if you think that you foundation look like a white mask, if your eyebrows tweezed to skimpy arcs and look completely artificial and if we feel that red make us look like a start, but pictures shows a woman with bleeding lips and ugly looking face then you need help, for sure.Beauty Mistakes! You Need To Avoid2
The biggest blunder that one woman can make is wrong foundation, foundation of wrong shade or work kind, I always say that if you want to safe the time to apply the cosmetic then spend time to buy the perfect products and spend time to get the perfect shade and kind, pay attention to get the textures that melt into your skin and make you look natural, no matter whatever your skin tone is and whatever your skin kind is, always go with your natural tone, don’t try to look someone you like or admire, be yourself instead of a fake copy of someone else, the less is better and the pay attention on blending, this is the key to get the smother and sheer finish.Beauty Mistakes! You Need To Avoid3
The other big beauty blunder is wearing too much mascara, I can understand that we all love our eyes and we love to enhance the beauty of our eyes, but the issue is excess of anything is bad, you want to look beautiful, but when you apply too much make up, you end up looking like a crown, a creepy witch or an old witch, I bet that would be the last thing you want from your eyes markup, although it is on the top of must-wear list, but still you need to be moderate, you need to pay attention to get perfect look with perfect application, you can try 2 coats to get the definition and couple of as a touch ups, but that’s it, no more than that.Beauty Mistakes! You Need To Avoid1
Another beauty no-no blunder and if you ask me then the worst beauty blunder ever is contrasting lip liner, I simply hate it, it never ever look beautiful and I guess the sole purpose of makeup is look beautiful and look stylish and contrast liners only make you look odd and creepy, although it was a very famous trend ages ago, but it use to look odd at that time too.Beauty Mistakes! You Need To Avoid4
Keep an eye on your looks and adopt a simple rule, less is enough and use loss an smooth light hands to get perfect looks:

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