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Beauty Rules You Should Break

Beauty Rules You Should BreakThere are all kinds of beauty that we have been instructed that we should not brake or we will end up looking fashion disaster, but who made these rules and what are the reason of these rules, let’s suppose if someone say that you should never ever apply sharp colors and make both eyes and lips prominent, then may be that one is not good enough to handle these two things equally or maybe we carry and we might look good  so what you think shell we try? Let’s brake rules and make new rules to get new looks.

Let’s break rule #1: Focus on Eyes Or Lips.

We know that we are not allow to prominent both lips and eyes, but if I like to make my eyes look prominent and I have natural brilliant lips? What should l do, get some plastic surgery to make my lips look regular? No! So let’s try to break these rules and see what we will get, if you want to get smoky eyes with marvelous exotic lips then you need to slow down a bit and don’t put 3 pounds of black make up over your eyes, you can try to apply everything, but in low intensity and then you can try to use any exotic color of lipstick an you would love the look you will get, I bet.

Brake Rule #2: Use One Color For Lip & Nail: – I never liked this rule, I love sharp colors for my nails, I love to match my nail shade with my shoes and my dress, but just imagine how would I look if I want to wear green nail shade and if I am following this rule that means I have to apply green on my lips too and guess what I am going to some party I am not going to walk on some ramp, don’t you think would love horrible? Okay now I assure you if you if you apply green on nails and red on lips, you would look as pretty as you want to be, rules are here for us, if you are not happy with them then break them.

Rule #3: Never Let Your Roots Show: – Well! I am new in hair dying and I personally thing that it is very hard to follow this rule, you can do that on weekends, but if you have good rate of growth than you would never be able to follow that role, but beside that it look sexy and charming to me, I like to dye sharp shades and I have dark hair and when I see dark shades with reds I love it and I like it and beside all these things, it is new in too, show off your roots with your exotic hair colors.

I am not saying that you should not follow any of rules that we have for look good, because many of them are actually good and they do keep you safe too, like if you are using blue mascara on small eyes and you use on both lashes upper and lower you will end up with squeezed eyes, I bet you don’t want that.

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