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Beauty Tips And Tricks

Beauty is a word that has many hidden meaning in it but the most people use this word for the pretty appearance of a person by face.Here we bring some Beauty Tips And Tricks that are very effective for all skin type girls and guys, no matter what is the color of your skin and where you live but for some tips you will be guided to change according to your atmosphere.

The most important and very effective beauty tip is peace and internal joy that comes from your inner side, if you want to look be pretty then your first need to change your thinking style enjoy the beauty of nature that always invite you toward it with open hands this secret is very effective to take care of your beauty.

For the maintainence of your beauty you can take help from these Beauty Tips And Tricks that are simple but very effective and long lasting.

  • Massage is very effective tip to help and lift your body shape and also help your skin to nourish, Keep massage on your body twice in a week.Take a half cup of corn oil mix it with with quarter cup of grapefruit juice and 1 teaspoon of  dried thyme Massage into hip, thigh, and buttock areas.
    Cover with plastic wrap to lock in body heat. For extra results lay a heating pad over each area for five minutes.
  • Mix 1Tbs  yogurt into the 1 Tsp of  yeast to make a thin paste. Pat gently onto oily areas and allow to dry. Leave on no longer than
    20 minutes. Rinse first with warm water, then cold. Blot dry.It will reduce oil from your face.
  • Take 1 Tbsp cocoa powder,1 Tbsp heavy cream,1 tsp cottage cheese,4 tsp honey,1 tsp oatmeal Blend these all ingredient in a blender and apply this creamy mask on your face let it on your face for ten minutes and then rinse  with Luke warm water. It will Moisturize your skin and give it glow.
  • To lighten age spots and sun-damaged skin, mix the juice of 1 lime and a lemon along with  2 tablespoons of honey, and 4 ounces of plain yogurt. Massage into each spot. Use at least twice in  a week.It will lighten the spot and also protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Manicure A Very effective Tip:Take a half cup of full cream warm milk , white sugar and half cut lemon,Dip your hands into the warm milk for five to ten minutes and then place a half cut lemon on the sugar pot and press with little pressure so that more amount of sugar cubes stick with it, then rub this lemon on the skin of your hand this will lighten and clear your hand and smooth it.
  • For The Removal Of Dark Circles:You can use a raw slice of tomato as it  contain potassium that is use to take away dark circles under the eye.
  • Rose Water Glow Your Skin And Bright Your Eyes: Apply Rose water on your skin with a soft cotton and let it on your skin for half an hour before you go to your bed than wash with cold water this will give your skin a natural glow.One drop of rose water into your eyes keep them clean and bright so use it daily.
  • Oily skin holds perfume scents longer than dry skin. So, before applying perfume, rub a  thin layer of Vaseline or petroleum
    jelly on your skin and you will smell delicious for hours.

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