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Beauty Tips For Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, any type of dark skin then let me tell you that you are blessed with the best and the most attractive skin complexion possible, you just need to know how to make it more attractive and more fascinating, you just need to know which kind of makeup will look good on your skin and which will make you look like a freak cause if you have dark skin and you use a makeup that look brilliant on blond then it will look horrible on your, I hope you understand that right.

No matter what kind of skin tone you have, I always say that pay attention on your inner glow and make sure you are eating healthy and fresh food and you are drinking a lot of water and try to minimize the use of makeup and you are perfectly fine to get beautiful and supple skin, the best advantage if your skin is you rarely get the skin issues including pimply, blackheads, pigmentation, spots or any other skin issues and now we are here to share some beauty tips for women with dark skin.

Beauty Tips For Dark Skin

The first thing that you need to pay attention is your foundation and the best and the easiest way to find out which concealer or foundation is look for the one or two shade darker than your skin tone and if you are trying to get good and lighter shade then you are just allow to apply one shade lighter than your skin tone, always go for a water-based foundation cause if you apply cream foundation that will make you look worse and the skin looks too oily and that would be the last thing that you want, and if you are applying the cream based then don’t forget face powdered after word.

Use a similar shade of eye makeup like dark colors such as brown, prune, copper or dark metallic colors and they will not only give you a glamorous and if you are going for some evening party then you can use some dust of transparent gold powder over your eye shadow and that will make you look out of this world, if you have dark complexion then you should avoid using eyeliner, but transparent or dark mascara is absolutely fantastic for you.

Now you need to pick rosy, deep orange or coral shade blusher cause they are ideal for your skin tone and it will look absolutely stunning on you, but make sure you are using the right technique and use just on your cheeks apple and then rub it with your hands and it will give you a healthy and natural glow and gold blend shimmer will give a glamorous effect to your dark skin.

Now since you are blessed with the best complexion possible and you can use any lip color and it will suit you from deep read, to peach read and brown to orange, you just need to see if it goes with your over all look or not.

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