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Best Acne Treatment

Best Acne Treatment
Best Acne Treatment

For the best acne treatment you should firstly know what is acne actually and how to treat with it.The skin is composed of three Layers epidermis,dermis and hypo dermis The new skin cells are only generate in lowest layer and take months to come up ward and there they die.Its mean outer skin is dead, if I say yes then Don’t scar as this is true.And with out good cleansing habit we can make it more vibrant and lively.This is just a short introduction of our skin now come to
our topic back how we can do best treatment of Acne.So there are something wrong in inner side not completely into the skin but into your body.don’t confuse the Pimple on your skin tell something about your body disorder.keep your eyes open and look where on your skin Pimples appear.
On Cheeks:It indicate some problem in your food intolerance.This is usually in taking of milk and dairy Products, so avoid milk,cheese,cream,butter as well.You should add some fibrous diet in your daily food plan.So you should off diary products from your menu and try to gain essential protein and calcium from dairy free source like nuts,seeds and green leafy vegetable.
On Jawline, Chest Back And Shoulder: Here is these parts pimples indicate some Hormonal imbalances and these imbalancement take time to resolve.You should go to Skin Specialist, for your skin and Harmonal problem first.You can take Zinc and vitamin B6  along with vitex agnus castus all these help to balance Harmones.
On Chin: Pimples on your chin indicate your wrong diet rotien as well it might be possible you have constipation problems, in this case you need to take plenty of water and balance diet with maximum portion of fibrous food.
Final Tips To Resolve the Issue:
1-Eat at least five seasonal Fresh fruits daily along with green vegetables.
2-Drink plenty of water as it is natural cleanser for your skin health.It can improve your digestive system.
3-Take some herbal tea at least twice in a week it can detoxify your body and make your skin fresh.
4-Eat simple fibrous diet and exercise regularly at least for 20 min.

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