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Best Eye Makeup Tips That Open Your Eyes

Women are naturally beauty loving as thet themselve sign of beauty in this world so keeping in view most attractive body organ ‘eye’ here we bring  some enormous and immediate tips for great and nice-looking eyes.Best Eye Makeup Tips That Open Your Eyes

Best Eye Makeup Tips

  • To apply mascara stroke off the excess from the brush on a tissue.
  • Starting from the base of the lashes, zigzag your way to the tips.
  • Coat both top and underneath f your upper lashes.
  • Skip lower lashes if you have small eyes for a final coat o thicken lashes hold it wand vertically and sweep it like a windshield wiper from side to side to stroke and coat the side lashes as well.
  • Mop up the smudge with a cotton bud soaked in eye makeup remover.

For a less clumpy and smoother request for your mascara, Check the mascara skirmish before you buy it

To lengthen lashes, brush off the brush up further than the ends of your lashes, don’t just stop at the instructions.

If you tends o sob or rub your eyes, go for long lasting smudge-proof or water proof formulas.

Close the vial firmly after use. Don’t pump or chump mascara around in a vial with his wand since this lets in more air and dries out of formula.

Toss mascara three months after its first use to stay away from bacteria build up.

How to apply eye makeup, use tools and accessories:

How to apply mascaraEyelash Curler:

It your curls, extra oomph and make your eyes look larger. Make sure your lashes are dry to begin with, or they won’t curl. Start at the base of the lashes, and press and hold for ten seconds. Curl again, central through the lashes and then finally at the tips. Make sure you curl before mascara to prevent lash fissure.

Mascara BaseMascara Base:

Prep thin lashes with a coat of clear base to lengthen and plump them before layering with mascara. Primers can also put off clumping, set the curl in lashes and help mascara last longer. Remember to let it dry before applying mascara.

Eyelash CombEyelash Comb:

To remove clump and excess mascara, comb and separates lashes before mascara dries.

Lash ExtendersLash Extenders:

These are made of natural vegetable thread that, when applied, extends past the lash to lengthen it. Apply your mascara, then coat with lash extenders before your mascara dries. Apply a creamer mascara or one that is not water-resistant,Best Eye Makeup Tips.

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