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Best Hand Cream

Best Hand CreamHands are the most used organ of the body which you use for many purpose but many of you are not much aware about the requirement of hands and their care.Many of us have not enough time to take good care of our body due to our hectic life style or due to long job hours,well what to do? Just find out the way to take good care that need not much time but only few minutes.

Here we bring really a best cream for your hand that can easily prepare in our kitchen with few ingredients,that really work a lot on your hand and prove a very good hand cream.

What You Need:

  • One Cup of fresh Milk
  • One Lemon
  • Few drops of Rose Water.

Method:Take a jar of open head and shake milk very well ,then add a tea spoon of lemon juice and let it for two hours then add few drops of rose water into it.Actually when you let it for two hours there will be the formation of precipitation and after the formation of this small precipitation pour it with a fine cotton cloth and there will be only slid mass left which just like yogurt but its not exactly yogurt.Keep this cream into a empty cream jar and every night apply it on your hands to keep them beautiful,soft and more over very fair in complexion.

Note:This cream will work very well for one week after a week make your second cream jar and finish it in a week.

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