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Biggest Beauty Blunders

Biggest Beauty BlundersThe natural desire of look good and look beautiful is very strong and we hardly pay any attention if we are on right track or not, we just keep looking for new ways to look good and look better, better than we were looking yesterday and better than others but sometime we make some blunders and sometime we end up looking a walking live joke then a beautiful personality, so if you really want to avoid that you need to know the biggest beauty blunders that we make in our day to day life.

Wrong hair color: you should buy colors for your skin tone rather than someone you admire, if you have a pale skin tone with flat hair and lightest shade or eyes an you try blond color then I bet you would end up looking like a vampire, but not beautiful Kristen Stewart vampire, but you would end up weirder looking vampire, so pay attention what you are getting for your hair, always pay attention on your own skin tone and eye shades.

Bleaching mistakes, sometime we try to change the skin shade of our face and we sue Bleach for that, but let me tell you that tanning and bleaching is the most horrible thing you would do to your skin, use natural things for that and you will get fruitful results.

Dress mistakes, if you have a beautiful and skinny shaped body then I would love to see you in Victoria Beckham range but if you are as curvier as Kim Kardashian the I would say stick your body and pick dresses that are made for your body rather that going for some new trends and end up looking like a desperate chick.

Hair does are very important for your looks, and you need to pick one hair solon and it is good that you know yourself, but believe your hair expert too, let her decide what is good for you and what will suit you and tryst me she will make sure you look good rather than a jock, she has a knowledge of her profession and she is trained to make you look good.
Innovation is great, but when you know your rules.

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