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Black Eye Makeup Tutorial

Black Eye Makeup Tutorial0It’s beautiful back eye makeup with will take no more than 10 minutes of yours to apply that and I am loving the intense look of these black shades that I am about to apply, so shell we?
I had a very magical weekend and I went to spa too so I don’t think I would be needing any foundation or concealer, but yes I am using moisturizer and then rub it all over my face and my eyes perfectly, then I using eye prime and will apply it all over the eyelids with an eye shadow base and then blend it well.
Now we just need to take the finest black eye pencil or kajal and apply it all over the eyelid, I wasn’t you to use regular one, not the gel one cause we need to blend it after word, and it would be hard with gel when we will try to smudge this in the next step.Black Eye Makeup Tutorial2
Now you need to take a smooth brush or you can use your own fingers too and smudge the kajal and soften it a bit all over the lit, but don’t let it cover the upper crease.
Now you need to take black eye shadow with flat brush and apply it over the kajal and blend a bit and then take the darkest gray eye shadow you have and apply this in the crease and blend it with the eye shadow we applied earlier and keep blending till you see any harsh lines.Black Eye Makeup Tutorial1
Now you need to take plain regular kajal and apply it on the rims of the eye, better if you use the gel liner this time cause we would like to add some shine this time in the eyes, and then apply the same kajal on the outer half of your lower lash line too and blend it a bit, not too much, just a bit outer to create the V at the outer corner of your eyes and then take the dark brown eye shadow and apply a sharp line on the outer corner of your eye and blend it with black to create the depth in your eyes.Black Eye Makeup Tutorial4
Now you need to take copper silver Highlight and apply it on the brow bone and blend it with your finger and then add a bit shimmer on the inner corner of your eyes and blend it well too and now finish the look with mascaraJ
Give it a try and let me know about the look.Black Eye Makeup Tutorial3

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