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Blue Eye Makeup Tips

Blue Eye Makeup TipsIf you have blue eye then we are sure this is your very big beauty enhancer thing, we like to admire your beauty and congratulate to having blue eyes.In support of those blue-eyed women out there, here you will uncover eye makeup guidelines on how to create those gorgeous eyes truly plunk out.

  • Silver eye shadow facility well for those with blue eyes; you be able to apply this all the way as of your top eyelashes to your eyebrows.
  • Use a light color akin to pink, dust the top of the silver shadow, unification it to make the two mixes.
  • bring to light your ‘v’ part (corner of your eye), fetch the eye shadow apparent, to give it that hue effect, with a slightly darker shade of pink.
  • Using either pencil ,charcoal, liquid eyeliner, and experiment with colors like gray, dark blue,  green, silver eyeliner.
  •  Bright blue, gold, gray, silver, green and so many are the colors that work most excellent for those with blue eyes
  • You should apply mascara so that it will enhance your eyes to open more broadly.

Now that you are equipped with an understanding on how to put on makeup, I hope you walk out of your home looking great every single time. Remember to keep it simple and light during the day, and work your way to darker tones as evening approaches when heading out for a party or dinner. Keep it stylish!


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