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Blue Wedding Shoes

Blue Wedding Shoes
Blue Wedding Shoes

Are you going to choose special things for your big day then what is your first thing may be you are confuse about it from where to start, either you start from your dress or wedding venue or what ever but surely your priority is best
thing in each department.For shoes you can dare to different from traditional cream and white, so it is time to wear Blue Shoes in your big day.Your bridal shoes are in top five important things for your big day.Here are few points to keep in mind.
1-Firt choose your dress and then your shoes that must be comfortable.
2-It is up to you either you are comfortable in high heel or in flat shoes but it must be match with your dress.If you are short in height then can try high heel which must be comfortable.
3- your shoes should be according to the wedding venue as on beach your shoes should be appropriate in wedding surrounding.
4-Blue shoes are the best thing and look amazing with traditional wedding gown.

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