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Bridal Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Bridal Makeup Designs PhotosI personally like oily skin even though I was born with oily skin and I had the worst teen years possible with all the pimple, acne and white and blackheads and I was the most irritating and the most annoyed kind back then, but still I feel oily skin is the best skin type , if only you keep the oil glands under control and keep your skin clean and germs free, and  just stay away from unnecessary cosmetic layers as much as possible and I keep my skin natural and fresh, I carry a facial sponge with me all the time and I just soak it in worm water and wipe my face and my neck as many time as I get chance and then I apply some tint moisturizer on my face and skin that has citric oils in it and super strong sunscreen possible and I am very happy with my skin now, but that is one thing that you cannot do on your big day, can you? it is very tricky to apply makeup on your big day to look perfect for your guest and for your photos at the same time and you cannot wipe it off with worm sponge and you cannot keep tabbing lose face powder on you face cause that will make you look cakey and artificial, so I have some simple tips for you to look perfect on your big day.Bridal Makeup Guide and Tips 2013

Here are some simple tips for your big day look.

The first thing that you need to do is Exfoliate, It is important to do this first and foremost before starting anything, you just need to clean all the pours and then use the best scrubber you have for your skin, it is always best to use something made with citric  cause that will actually keep your oil glands under control, try Oatmeal and Honey scrub which always work for me and you can add lots of lemon in it too and it will keep your oil free for a day at least.

Now you need to Moisturize your skin, never ever take moisturizer as some excessive oil on your face cause no matter what kind of skin you have, you need some moisturizer on your skin and it is best if you pick something according to your skin tone or something with aqua based and then let your skin absorb the moisturizer and it will actually calm down your oil glands up to good extends.

You need to pick all the things oil-free including foundation or concealer and shades etc. and it is best if you use something with silicone cause that fills in pores very nicely and leaves a nice finish on the skin and kind of control your oily look and it stays on your skin for more than 12 hours if you are not in somewhere supper exotic and hot;)
When you apply foundation or concealer, give your skin some time cause too much rubbing and massaging can irritate your skin and can worm it up too which would be the last thing you need on your big day and then apply some translucent powder or a setting powder on your face and neck and shoulder to get the right kind of shad and tone and then take face powder brush and sweep the excessive powder lightly from your face.

5 Eye Makeup For Older WomenNow you are ready to apply your makeup.

Some simple tips for you.

Keep same translucent powder with you and apply whenever you see your foundation or concealer wearing away.

Oil-Blotting sheets are the next thing you need to carry with you, and you know when you use them right, just tab and slightly press, don’t rub or move on your skin cause that can either smudge your makeup or make your skin irritate and red.

Last but not least, stay calm and happy don’t give your oil glands impression that you are tense and they need to start work and try to stay in shade, and somewhere cooler and look beautiful  and happy.Makeup And Beauty Tips Beauty Tips In English Tumblr For Face Whitening

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