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Bridal shower checklist

Bridal shower checklistDo planning for the bridal shower is a little bit difficult for the people. Although people can do a lot of things but they don’t know how to start the work. Here are some suggestions for you guys after copying this you‘ll be able to do well. If you get the chance to organize any special occasion so this will
help you. if you are going to arrange any marriage ceremony you will have to prepare bridal shower checklist. Here is bridal shower checklist with manageable steps.
Decide the date:Before the time decide the date of wedding because it is better for you. Showers also decided before three months .if you decide before the time you can manage very well mannerly.
Prepare a guests list:As you are host you decide the no of guests mean how many guests you want to invite and able to serve them. If shower isn’t a surprise you can ask from the bride if she want to invite her friends she can invite but you will have to prepare the list before the time. It will help you for preparing.
Choose the theme:It depend on your own will that which one theme would you like to choose because there are a lot of themes you can pick according to your own choice.
Decide the location:It’s up to you that you can arrange the marriage at your home or .any other hotel.
Make the invitation card:You can buy the wedding card from the market. if you make the invitation card by yourself .it give the
good impact on your relatives and friends .

One an half month before the shower

Send the invitations, This is the time to send the card to your relatives and friends.
Plan a menu:It is necessary that which one menu you would like to serve to your guests.
Decide the decoration:Decide that how you can decorate the wedding garden and tables’ .you can decorate the tables with the
table jewelry like folk knives spoons and other necessary utensils.

One week before the shower

Buy a gift:You can buy gift according to your own choice. The gift neither the too expensive nor the too cheap.

The big day of the shower:
Bride opens the gift on stage:When the entire guest present on their seats bride opens the gifts and writes the names of givers on notebook for the record.

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