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Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye MakeupCat Eye Makeup is the kind of sexy makeup to give you attractive look on valentine day as well as when you want to go for dating.You can also do your Cat Eye Makeup on night parties.Some celebrities  make them very attractive and eye catching with this Cat Eye Makeup,so if you want to become a celebrity inspired look then must learn how to do a perfect Cat Eye Makeup.

Step 1-First of all you need to apply primer and then tape the outer corner of the eyes to make quick outer shape this is the best way to get fine outer define makeup line in cat eye makeup.

Step 2- Apply mote color by make and apply just over your crease line not on the brow bone just under the brow bone, on brow bone a high lighter apply to give brighter look of your eyes.

Step 3-Now its time to apply print gray eyeshadow by mac on your lash line, apply with the help of pencil brush, blend this shadow along with lash line and tape line to make flicker shape and then apply dark black shadow in the outer most corner of the tape line and blend well with the same pencil brush.After proper blending you will see the two emerge shades on your eyelid after this appearance time to apply soft brown shadow on the crease line upper side of the blended black and gray shades.This will give a definite shape to create Cat Eye Makeup.

Step 4-Apply black pencil over your lash line to create crease of your eyes lash lines.Then apply same pencil on lower lid just after the lash line and blend with fine tip brush.

Step5- Now time to apply no 42 lashes by Mac to give your eyes really a sexy cat eyes.Apply Lower lashes as cat eye requires the lower long lashes then the upper lashes application will give your eyes a complete look of Cat Eyes.After the lashes application you must need to curl these lashes as it will give a longer impact of eyelashes.Now remove the tape and clean the area around your eyes with concealer and then apply your blusher and you can apply nude lipstick color with this Cat Eye Makeup.

Here are more images for the change Cat Eye Makeup that will help you according to your own choice.


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