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Change Office Look To Party Look In Minutes

Change Office Look To Party Look In Minutes0I know so many working ladies who always complain about that problem, that they had to attend a party straight after office and sadly did not have enough time to change or get ready accordingly and they look dull and down throughout the evening and today we are kind of going to change the issues completely J
First of all you need to make sure that you pick something that can look subtle with your office look and funky with your party look and I would say that you should use a t-shirt with your jeans in working time and then you just need to change your top to look funky;) it is all up to you, I just want you to carry a party dress and heels for your party and I am going to give you some simple tips to change your job place look to your party look in no time:
We will start with the job look, we need to start for that in the morning, we will use the look that can look subtle in morning and then chunky in evening 😉 we will start with scrubbing and washing our face with the oil free moisturizer and then we will apply the serum to fix the look and then we will start with foundation or concealer on face and skin around the eyes.Change Office Look To Party Look In Minutes4
Now tab some compact powder all over your face and groom your eyebrows nicely with eyebrow comb and you can use a coat of clear mascara over them to keep them on the place throughout the day you can sue eyebrows shade to fill them too if you want, and then take some simple highlighter to provide the freshness of your face and to your eyes, I am using the pastel eye shadow which is almost similar to my own skin tone so it look a bit fresh and bright, but you need to make sure that you are using perfectly matte or very slightly shimmery shade.Change Office Look To Party Look In Minutes1
Now we will use a matte eye shadow, and you need to pick a darker shade that your own skin tone and we will apply that all over the upper eyelid and we are picking a as soft as possible eye look so we are not going to use any dark eye shadow, I am picking the light pink share, but you need to pick the one that goes with your own skin tone and I personally think that baby pink suits everyone if you are picking the right shade,Change Office Look To Party Look In Minutes2
I am picking the one that has a bit mauve-toned pink for my dusky look and apply it on the crease and then make a V on the outer corner of the eye, but not too sharp and then we will take a matte brown eye shadow to cover the outer harsh lines on the crease and it will make your eye look deep and mysterious too and then we will take a thin liner brush and draw a thin line on your upper lash line with a soft black eye shadow, you can use dark brown too, but don’t use liquid black eyeliner as it will give your look an edge, and that is what I am avoiding here and then use matte brown eye pencil to draw a line on the lower lash line, not kohl , but a single coat of mascara is important and use a nice brown nude shade on your lips will be absolutely fine.Change Office Look To Party Look In Minutes5
To covert it in the party look you just need to follow few steps, we will start with applying the compact all over the face again to give a fresh skin touch to your look and then we will take green eye pencil and draw a thick line over eyelid and I am not worried about the shade that we had in the morning cause they would be almost faded by now, now we are using the highlighter an I am using the golden one, you can pick any you like to highlight your brow bone and I am using the same product to rub over my cheekbones as well to get a connection between eyes and cheeks.Change Office Look To Party Look In Minutes3
Now I am taking a blue eye pencil to rub it over my lower lash line and then I am using my finger tip to rub it, now I am adding the lines of kohl in my eye to get brighter look, and apply the thick coats of mascara on your eyes, and am done with my eye look and now I am adding lipstick to save the time and add the brightness to the face, Let your hair loose and add some funky accessories and you are ready to go, don’t forget your heels;

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