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Christmas Tree And Christmas Tree Decorations

christmas tree
Christmas tree

Christmas tree: The Christmas tree is decorated with green color as coniferous tree not only real as well as artificial also which is also known by Yule tree. The tree especially decorated with colorful tube lights at the occasion of Christmas because it is a tradition to decorate evergreen tree at Christmas. When the days of Christmas come near Christmas tree traditionally bring into the home and decorated with Christmas lights, ornaments garlands, tinsel and candy cans. At the top of the tree an angel or star placed.
Dates: Especially Christmas tree set up and takes down at the specific dates. traditionally Christmas tree isn’t put at home before 23 Dec and only decorated at the evening of 24 Dec before it is also consider bad luck before 23 to after 6 January. In Germany traditionally the tree is set up on the 24 Dec and taken down at 7 of January. Some households of America soon after thanks giving set up a tree and decorate it earlier the time. A lot of families of U.S.A don’t put up the tree until the 24 Dec and take it down till 6 January. In Italy the Christmas tree set up in the first week of December and put away
at 6 January. In Australia as usual Christmas tree set up at 1 December.
Species of tree:

Christmas tree Decorations
Christmas tree Decorations

There are several sorts of tree which commonly use for Christmas tree. Mostly people use those trees that are useless or needless owing to the sluggish of dryness when they dry so, people use it for Christmas decoration.
Mostly people use these kinds of trees in Europe:
• Silver fir
• Noble fir
• Scots pine
• Swiss pine
• Stone pine
In North South and Central America mostly people use these types of tree:
• Fraser fir
• Balsam fir
• Grand fir
• Red fir
• White fir
• Jeffery pine
• Pinyin pine etc.

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