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Close the Open Pores OF Your Facil Skin

Close the Open Pores OF Your Facil SkinIf you not properly protect and take essential step in skin care you will face the problem of opening pores with many other skin problems. Summer plays havoc with skin in many ways. Opening pores is the problem seen especially in people with elder age.

Here are some home remedies which work well in keeping the skin smooth and even.

Apply the tomato juice with honey to remove the open pores from the skin. Take the extract of the tomato and mix it with honey. Apply the paste at the face for 10 minutes. It will surely make your skin smooth and youthful.

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Take alternate hot and cold water massage to remove the dirt and to close the pores. First rinse your face with slightly warm water and use mild soap or facial wash to remove the grim from the skin. Now use ice cubes and massage for 1-2 minutes on your face to close the open pores. .it will also improve the blood and lymphatic circulation of the facial skin and skin appear more fresh and youthful.

Mix the egg white in lemon juice and apply on the face with brush. Leave it for five minutes after that wash the face.

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Take few drops of almond oil, sandal wood powder ¼ tabs and turmeric powder ¼ tabs. Mix all these to form paste and apply it on face till it become dry. It will leave your skin smooth ands also help in closing the open pores of the skin.
The juices and pulps of papaya, pineapple ad peaches are vey effective for different skin problems. These are used internally to improve the texture of the skin and applied externally at the face to make it youthfully and blooming.
Make the ice cubes of lemon juice and massage your face daily two times to tighten the open pores of the skin.

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Use cucumber juice or slices of cucumber for closing the opened pores of the skin. Make the solution of tomato juice and lime juice and apply it on face daily at night and allow it to absorb. It will make your open pores tight and skin appears smooth and even.
Take few drops of rose water and mix in it tomato juice. Apply it on face when it gets dry wash your face. It will act as best skin toner and also make the skin pit free.

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