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Color Your Hair At Home Tips

How to dye your hair at homeMarket is loaded with the things that you can try to get beautiful and natural looking shade in your hair and I can bet that you would have been trying many of those, and you would have your favorite way of dying your hair too, but the issue is, do you apply or you get some assistance to get your hair dyed?Tips for coloring your hair at home

There is no harm to get someone to apply the dye mixture on your hair, but why? When you can actually apply the dye mixture on your hair by yourself and it is so much fun and so much satisfaction too, so do you want to learn how to apply dye in your hair with your own hands safely and neatly?You have beautiful, natural hair color at home
This is a simple patron of Hair Coloring at Home.

First of all you need to pick the color and all the ingredient of your coloring, like color, developer or whatever needs to get the shade and normally dyes come with all of the necessary things.

Bowl and brush,
Towel, Gloves

First of all you need to mix the color and follow the instruction completely, make sure that color comes out right and perfectly, and I always say that apply dye on perfectly clean and washed scalp and it would be better if your wash your hair on the same day, and that will get give you the better and perfect result too.

Now cover your shoulders and your arms with something rough and oils cloth to protect your skin from dropping and take some petroleum jelly or Vaseline and apply a very generous amount on your forehead, on your back neck, your ears and that will help you get a better result even if you accidentally put some of the dye on your body, now wear gloves to avoid the color from transferring on to your hands, and now you are ready to start application.

First of all you need to start from the hairline on the forehead, take a very small section of your hair start applying the color on this portion from root to hair and keep repeating the same action until you reach the hair line at your neck and now you need to take a comb and comb your hair from your forehead and spread the shade all over your hair.

Now take some product on the brush and apply all over the hair and comb your hair too, if you have long hair then you have to keep combing till you get the satisfactory result and if you have short hair then you can actually  cover your hair by messaging the shade all over your hair too and that is the best way to dye your hair and no matter if it is instructed on your pack or not, roll all of your hair and cover it with shower cap for the time mentioned on the pack and then wash it off.Learn Some Hair Coloring Tips and Techniques

Was your hair with running water and do apply a thick layer of conditioner all over your hair for sure to maintain the moisturizer level in your hair.

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