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Damas Dubai Jewellery

Damas Dubai Jewellery
Damas Dubai Jewellery

Damas is the internationally recognize jewellery shop that deals in Elegant gold jewelry including white gold,yellow gold pearl and diamond chains pendants, bracelets and many more in jewelry items along with Wonderful Watches.
There are 424 stores of the Company over the 14 countries of the world, among these countries some are Saudi Arabia,Hong Kong,UAE,Egypt,Bahrain,UK and India.In Dubai Damas deals in very Luxury Jewellery and Watches where Damas get maximum appreciation from the customer.
People from all over the world when ever visit Dubai they must buy gifts from Dmas for their beloved one.If you want to go there then must visit Dubai three distinct types of Damas stores there these stores are different from each other for particular category of the customer.
At first there is less Exclusive store then semi exclusive and third one is Damas 22K store which is most popular among the people to buy things from there.The Aim of damas is the customer satisfaction and there the offer the products so that their customer go back happy and satisfied.
This Jeweler group has been serving from the year 1907 originated from Syria but the first Store with the Name of Damas was opened in the year 1959, while in 1985 Damas stores started products at international level.In the beginning there was the other brand Jewellery just for sale but in 1988 their own brand was launched and since then till now Damas every year enhance their working circle, that make this more reliable name for jewellery.For women who are found of gold jewellery Demas have more then their expectations.And for men at Demas there are stunning watches that enhance any men look.You can buy for whom you care about.

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