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Design A Room For Your Dear One

Design A Room For Your Dear One
Design A Room For Your Dear One

DESIGN A GUEST ROOM: Guest  room is the place which reflects your hospitality and love for guests. It should be well decorated and comfortable. With all formalities there should be some privacy too.You can imagine the qualities that you want to have as a guest when you are staying away from your home, those all qualities you can provide to your guests in your budget with a little concentration.

Furniture:First required thing in a Guest  room is the bed for your guest. Bed should be placed in proper place, it is better to place it in a place that is visible from the door of the room.

Bed for the guest should be soft and comfortable.There must be a chair and a table in the guest room so that your guest can sit and relaxes or can read a book or newspaper etc. whenever he wants.

You can use some thicker bed liners to make it softer. You can also use a feather bed topper with beautiful colors to enhance its charm and softness.There should be some cupboards or racks for the luggage of your guest.If there are no cupboards or racks in your guest room you can put an extra table for luggage.

Bed sheets and pillowcases: You can choose some stylish bedspreads or sheets for your guest’s bed in a reasonable price. A good variety of sheets is available in market with the pillowcases. You have to choose a good one which is not costly but such a material which is comfortable and reasonable for your guest.

Area rugs:Area rugs are used at the floor look very beautiful and stylish. You can place area rugs such as bamboo rugs at the besides.

Lighting Arrangements:To facilitate your guest, you have to arrange lights of different types such as bright and light. Your guest can switch on or off the lights according to his will. You can place side lamps on stands they will create a good impression of your hospitality and will make your guest more facilitated.

Dressing Table:It is very good if you have a dressing room with drawers in the guest room so that your guest may keep his accessories in drawers and can use the dressing table whenever he needs.

Paintings and clock:There should be a clock on one the walls of the guest room. You can hang a beautiful painting on the wall of the room to make it more decorative.

Curtains:Hang some nice curtains on the doors and windows of the guest room. Select color according to the color painted in the room. Fabric of Curtains must be good and sophisticated.

All these things will make you appreciated by your guests.



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