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How Diet Affects Your Health During Pregnancy

How Diet Affects Your Health During PregnancyWhen a woman becomes aware that she is pregnant and is carrying a baby it is indeed one of the most cherished moment of her life. But along with mother hood comes a lot of responsibility .Now you have to take care of not only yourself but that of your baby as well.When you are expecting a lot of questions arise in your mind regarding your and the baby’s health.Here We will tell you How Diet Affects Your Health During Pregnancy this information will help you a lot.

This might be interesting for a lot of readers to know that their diet also plays a vital role in the conception and maintenance of the pregnancy.A healthy and well-nourished body has more chances of fertilization than a Mal-nourished body.A proper and well balanced diet during pregnancy can help to prevent a lot of complications during labor whereas insufficient diet may lead to a lot of complications and birth diseases or even premature labor.You should also keep in mind that everything you eat during these nine months will directly affect not only your health but yours baby as well.

The significance of a good diet is so because what you eat becomes the building blocks for your developing baby.A healthy diet will lead to produce a healthy child,who will have more immunity and would be less prone to diseases.Your baby to be is completely dependent on you for nutrition.What you will eat will help him or her in developing different organs.

Healthy Weight Gain:Since weight gain is unavoidable in this situation the one question that bothers you most is what you should eat and what you should not.”Does your eating habits affect only your health or the health of your baby as well.”?The information below will help you determine what is best for you and your baby,which things you must eat and which things should be avoided completely

Healthy Child:.A healthy diet will lead to produce a healthy child,who will have more immunity and would be less prone to diseases.Your baby to be is completely dependent on you for nutrition.What you will eat will help him or her in developing different organs.The quantity and quality of nutrition which your baby receives from you can affect its size.

(Dr Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz write in their book”You Having A Baby”)

You may have heard that when you are pregnant you are eating for two,as tempting as it sounds this doesn’t mean you can eat without any limitations infect this is the time when you have the opportunity to shift to a complete healthy lifestyle.

Positive Body Change:Your body changes significantly during pregnancy and the development process of every fetus is different from other so your nutritional requirement also differs from time to time.While consuming your meals would also keep in mind that your baby’s nutritional requirement can not be compared to that of a full grown-up.An addition of up to 300 calories is must during pregnancy.If you are weight conscious you should try to get these calories from healthy foods such as fruits and raw vegetables rather than processed foods or junk foods.

An ideal diet during pregnancy should consist of:

Fruits(4-6 servings)

Vegetables(5-6 servings)

Wholegrain breads(6-11 servings)

Low Fat Dairy products(4-6 servings)

Importance Of Balance Diet:The key is to eat small portions of a balanced diet incorporating all of the items listed above.This will help in minimizing the problem of nausea and constipation,two of the major problems faced by 90% of the women during pregnancy.

Along with these you will also need to have extra calcium,iron and folic acid.Studies have shown that a calcium intake of 1000mg is a must for pregnant women as it plays an important role in strengthening the bone structure and teeth of your baby but also prevents its loss from your own bones.

Iron In taking:Iron intake  is also very important because it helps in making of hemoglobin which carries oxygen for the Red Blood Cells.Without enough iron in your diet your body can not make sufficient number of red blood cells for the baby thus the body organs might not receive the appropriate amount of oxygen they need to function properly.

Importance of Folic Acid:Folic acid must be a part of your diet during pregnancy or even a month before you conceive reason being that it helps in the reduction of neural tube defects by 70%.The neural tube is formed even before your pregnancy is positive,it later develops into brain and spinal cord of the baby.

Drinking a lot of fluids like water,milk and fresh juices will help in controlling the blood volume which increases dramatically during pregnancy.It will also help in prevention of dehydration and constipation.

What should You Avoid During Pregnancy:

Now comes the harder part, things which you should avoid during pregnancy,the list of forbidden foods is growing bigger and bigger but this is not only beneficial for you but your baby as well.You have to say good bye to ALCOHOL completely.SMOKING is also prohibited during pregnancy moreover you will have to avoid processed foods as they contain preservatives and different types of additives which may cause some chemical reactions in your body which will result an adverse affect on your health and your child as well.A cut back of SUGAR and ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS is also necessary as their consumption lead to high blood pressure and gestational diabetes as a result your child may show a high level of stress during his or her adulthood.

A Study at BHF(British Heart Foundation)shows that a high fat diet ingestion before and during pregnancy may lead to congenital heart diseases or defects.So you should avoid diets which are high in fat content as it may also cause high cholesterol level.You should also avoid eating raw or uncooked meat and eggs as they can be harmful for your unborn child.

In the end you should remember that not only”You are What you Eat”,your baby is also what you eat.Take care of  your child and your body.

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