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Different Types of Highlighter and Their Benefits

Different Types of Highlighter and Their BenefitsHighlighters are one of the makeup-bag must-haves. They help you make the most of your best facial features such as cheeks, nose, chin or eyebrows and thus enhance your beauty by many folds. The highlighting product or highlighter is quite similar to blush and gives instant oomph and lift to your face.

Highlighters are basically meant for delivering your features shimmering look, sheen and glamour altogether. Oftentimes, people also use eyeshadow instead of highlighter to get the desired glistering effect. Although it’s a nice trick, but it doesn’t produce the desired offshoots. Highlighters tend to stick to your skin more firmly than the eyeshadows.

Highlighters are available in many different formulas; let’s check out the four formulation variations of this magical product:

Mineral Highlighter

This soft, powder-based highlighter is neither frosted nor too glistering and can be the best option for those who just want to enhance their naturally rosy cheeks a bit more.

Powder/ Matt-effect Highlighter

Powder or Matt-effect highlighter is also a powdery formula and is meat to create a tailor-made matte effect while delivering you perfectly highlighted features.

Stick or Cream Highlighter

As the name suggests this a crème or sticky formula that gives your features the desired highlighted look without appearing too glistering and overdone. The best stick or cream highlighter is ‘Watts Up’ by Benefits.

Liquid Highlighter

Most women confuse the liquid highlighters with crème ones, but actually the crème formulas are thick in consistency as compared to the liquids. The application of both the products is also different.

Liquid highlighters are usually not used individually but combined with any other product such as foundation, moisturizer or blush. This sort of highlighter aims at providing your face with a subtle glow, while enhancing the features a little more.

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