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Dry Hair Care In 5 Steps

Some people think it is impossible to make dry hair shiny and smooth but it is true in some exceptional cases but dry hair also have dandruff problem.We have some very effective tips that can reduce dryness of your hair.But firstly give a glance to the reason that are behind this dryness and dandruff.
The main main roll is play by your environment means external factors that are

  • Excess Use Of Hair dryer.
    Dry Hair Care In 5 Steps
    Dry Hair Care In 5 Steps
  • Harsh Shampoo.
  • Hair Dye.
  • Perming.
  • Bath with Hot water.
  • Chlorine in swimming pools.
  • Too much exposure to sun and wind.

And along with these factors there are many internal factors that are not easy to treat or can say will take time to treat.
So keeping in view you can take good care f your hair in these simple ten ways
1-Best Shampoo and Care:There are many people who believe that clean hair are healthy and for getting this kind of healthy hair they wash there hair with shampoo that contain harsh ingredients that can dry your hair so be careful about your shampoo.
2-Argan Oil Proves Best Treatment For Dry Hair:This oil extract from Argan plant that have highest ability to infuse moisture, more over this oil absorb quickly to add to your hair shine.Another option is
Emu Oil that effectively make your hair healthy as it is an anti fungal and anti Bacterial oil that protect your hair from irritation and Inflammation.

3-Use Conditioner Before Every Hair styling: It is highly recommended for the safety of your hair to apply repair cream or heat protecting cream before using heated styling tools on your hair.
4-Quit Alkaline Shampoo:It is so helpful to make your hair full of life and shine, you should avoid the shampoo that contain Alkaline or Alcohol in its composition.
5-Eat Healthy Diet Full Of Vitamins: This is most important to take good diet for the better result if you want to make your hair look healthy.


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