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Dry Skin Care

Dry Skin Care
Dry Skin Care

Mostly people have dry itchy skin in winter but I think dry skin can happen any time during the year. So, find out why your skin is dry and how you can solve the problems of dry hands, feet, body, face and lips.

Here are some tips for dry skin:

Use lukewarm water:

Don’t use hot water because it robs the skin of moisture causing dry skin so it’s best to use lukewarm water rather than the hot water , because the hot temperature ,combined with drying chemicals is torture on dry skin. For your hand washing you also use the lukewarm water if you will use hot water then your skin will turns red.

Moisturize after showers and hand wash:

When you take shower and wash your hands use moisture, not only after taking shower but when you feel dryness, tight, and taut you can use moisturizer, while using moisturizer your hands will be soft and smooth.

Exfoliate on a weekly basis:

As moisturizer is very effective product for proper exfoliates. When you take shower use salt or sugar scrub and exfoliate your face with the mild scrub which is specially made for the face.

Skip the drying soaps:

Mostly soaps are drier, avoid from the drying soaps and use only creamy moisturizing cleansers that contain glycerin or petrolatum, like avenue daily moisturizing body wash for your body and for your face use gentle cleansing face wash. You don’t skip bath just skip those bubbles which can contain harsh foaming ingredients and opt for bath oil or oatmeal scrubs, which are great for itchy skin.

Moisturize  your hand and feet:

Mostly hands and feet effected of dryness and you feel terribly itchy, dry skin of your hands and feet. Use moisturizer and wear gloves before going out in winter, and consider lettering up your feet in thick moisturizer and wear cotton soaks at night.

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