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Eid Celebrations Of Muslims

Eid Celebrations Of MuslimsGreeting the blessed month Muslims all over the world observe the sanctity by fasting from fajr until Maghrib weighing up it as a farz.Money in the form of fitra &zakat are give by those who have to these who do not all through the Muslim world.

There is a wide range of customs & traditions that marks Eid-ul-Fitr festivity in a variety of countries in North Africa, the Middle, Far East & Even in Pacific, but generally, it is looks upon as a day of family feasting, somewhat than public celebration. Universally kids get new clothes, shoes, accessories& eidis. Everywhere the day starts with special Eid Prayers at the main mosque or eidgah.Often members speckled all over the city or village, gather later in the day to be past of a large celebratory lunch at the house of the elder member of the family.

Eid-ul-Fitr in Saudi Arabia is celebrate with great spectacle and demonstrates. In the first morning of the festival, people gather at the mosque from all corners of the world. There they offer prayers demonstrating gratefulness to Allah. Saudis decorate their houses. Trip their relatives and friends with sweets and gifts, wear new dresses and have grand meal with their near and dear ones.

In Bahrain, people even mark the half waypoint in Ramadan. On the 15th day, children dress smartly, call at their friends’ and neighbors’ home in the evening, and are given sweets.

Iraqi individuals take pleasure in breakfast consisting of cream with honey & bread before going to the family lunch together. Here a lamb must be scarifies for the occasion & a special Eid sweetmeat called Klaicha, a date-filled pie, is made.

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