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Eid Decorations

Eid DecorationIn the month of Ramadan where Muslims keep fasting there they looks busy in the Eid preparations and Eid Decorations.Every one in his  place looks busy and try to finish his or her preparation before Eid.Girls seems busy in shopping clothes along with matching accessories and women look busy in planning Eid parties and their decoration.There are some task you have to do step by step but if you try to do every thing at the same time then nothing will complete in time.

You not only decor your home but also your self, so lets join us we will give you some tricks and tips for your Eid day to make it special for you and for your family.

  • Make the list of work to do at least  10 days  before Eid.Firstly make sure nothing is miss then work on it.
  • Mark tick the completed task.
  • You should complete your home cleaning 5 days  before Eid Day.
  • Decorate the areas of sitting and give invitation to your friends and family 5to 4 days before,so that make them easy to plane their own Eid party or dinner.

Spend Some Time For Yourself :

If your home look very neat and well decorated and you look not fresh and your personality do not match with your home decoration then it will give a bad impression of you to your guest.

  • Cleansing is the key to get beautiful glowing skin so daily clean your skin with skin loving cleanser.
  • Before Eid you should exfoliate your skin at least two days before Eid it will give you a glowing and smooth skin with a fresh look.
  • Before two days to Eid clean your hands  and feet.

You should complete your preparations before two days to Eid so on the Eid you look not tired but have a fresh look.

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