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Emery Board Selection Tips

Emery Board Selection TipsEmery Board Selection is very important when you want to Manicure at home.Emery Board Selection play greatest role in at home manicure giving perfect result.So It is very important to choose according to type, shape and length of your nails.There are many innocent ladies who with out knowing this purchase Emery Board that may not good for them, here we to help you bring some Emery Board Selection Tips that will definitely help you in filing and shaping your nails in right way.

  • Choose the best emery board that prove its worth with quality work that is a good manicure which is fully dependent upon the tools we are using.
  • Nail masters strickly advice different emery boards for different nail shapes and length.
  • For the filing of your natural nails the best ting is to use glass nail file as well as cardboard or rubber base nail files are best.
  • Use a coarse emery board to file artificial mails for the best result.
  • If your nails are very hard then you need to buy diamond Sapphire or may ruby nail files, but in case of case of split and thin nails you need to use emery board made of rubber.
  • For thin and split use you can use ceramic nail files that gently gives your nail a proper shape that can also use in cuticle treatments.


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