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Essential Makeup Brushes

Essential Makeup Brushes0No matter how best and how perfect product you use on your skin, if you are not applying properly and if you are not blending perfectly then you will end up with a clown face and for that there are lots of things that are available in the market to apply and blend the product on your face perfectly
Here are some applicator brushes and blenders that you have to have no matter what, if you want to have beautiful face and skin and if you want to look perfectly with celebrity look:
Eye Brushes
Flat Stiff Brush: – This is a very simple and easy to handle brush to apply shades and apply that appropriately, the special structure help it to packing color on the lid and then spreading from one corner to other and the tip of the brush is best to smudging the color under the lash line as well or create a defined line in the crease for smoky eye line look.Essential Makeup Brushes11
Stiff Dome Brush: – it is a very great and one of the best tools for blending out harsh lines and feathering colors, it is very good if you are looking for something to blend a shade over creamy base cause it not only very good with blending, but being Geek pointed crease brush, it is much more ideal for dome shape and edgy blending and good for big eyes an easier to use on smaller eyes too and essential for Smokey eye look.Essential Makeup Brushes10
Pencil Brush: – this is ideal to smudge colors in smaller areas or in thin lines either under or on top of the eye and it is very good to place the sharp shade on the crease to define the depth of eyes and you can use it in the outer corner of the eye with a dark color to give some mysterious depth and drama to the look of your eye as well and as it is very small and pointy, it help you apply the fine lines with precise application.Essential Makeup Brushes9
Soft Dome Brush: – I love this brush with soft bristles which are ideal for blending out harsh lines below the brow bone and they are very good if you are looking for something to apply the glittery shades and lose glitter on your eyes as the bristle are very smooth so they don’t take too much shade and then they don’t apply too much on your eyes and keep it smooth and subtle.Essential Makeup Brushes12
Bent Liner Brush: – okay that is new thing for me, as I told you I am new in the whole perfect makeup thing, but this brush is specifically designed for applying gel eyeliner perfectly, and the special style of the brush make it very easy to apply the liner at the top of the lashes and dragging the eyeliner out to a winged shape too.Essential Makeup Brushes7
Dual Ended Lash Brush: – it is a brush which has two benefits and as I am talking about the eye brushes then it is a brush that has mascara wand at one side and eye brow comb on the other side and it is one ideal thing for all of those who like to have perfect lash cause you can use it to clean your excessive mascara from the lash too and you can use it to com your eye brows too.Essential Makeup Brushes8
Face Brushes
Blush/Contour Brush: – There were a time when girls use to use pads and sponges to blend blush and contorting but we all know that if you want best result then you need to try brushes and this round, fluffy, and even angled ones are best to do that, although for blush you can use any brush you want, but it is ideal for contouring, cause it is very good picking the shad and then it is even best to applying the shade and it is very flawless application and it is ideal to use on your jaw line to contour your cheekbones and your jaw line.Essential Makeup Brushes1
Cheek Highlighter Brush: – it is a very smooth and fluffy brush which is very good to highlights the cheeks, as the feathery, soft bristles of this brush is very good to pick the light waited highlighters and shimmer , and apply to the top of your cheekbones to give a quick face lift.Essential Makeup Brushes3 Essential Makeup Brushes2 Essential Makeup Brushes4 Essential Makeup Brushes5 Essential Makeup Brushes6
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