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Exfoliating And Homemade Scrubs

Exfoliating And Homemade ScrubsWe are going to talk about few very great homemade scrubs that will help you scrub off all the dead cells and will give you new fresh skin too and they are homemade so you can use them without any fear and you don’t need to be scared of any kind of side effects; you will get the best results.

First of all and one of the most famous scrub is Sea Salts, you just need to take one tablespoon of sea salt and rub it over your wet face, neck, shoulders and all over your body an after 10 minutes wash it off with cold water and you will get the best seas minerals possible.

Mix 2 cups of brown sugar with ginger and one cup of olive oil and now mix it well now it is ready to use, massage it over your body and face with small circulation and after that wipe it off with wet towel and then wash with running water. Now I am going to give you a whole long list of many homemade scrubs that you can use to get glowing smooth skin.

Oats, Basil Oil Exfoliating Scrub: You need raw oats, 2 to 3 teaspoons honey, basil oil and apple cider vinegar, make sure that you are using the finest and the smoothly grinded oats an make a smooth paste with all the ingredients, you can use tea tree oil too if you want now you can use it every third day and after that wash it off with regular water, don’t use cold or hot water

Oatmeal, Cornmeal, Wheat Germ scrub:  You need oatmeal, cornmeal and wheat germ and just mix them all with plain water an just apply over your face you might want to leave it over your face for 10 minutes and then scrub it off and wash it with cold water and get the astonishing results of this scrub for yourself.

Table Salt, Olive Oil Scrub: You just need to soak the salt with olive oil for one and half hour and then stir the mixture and then apply that over your face and massage your face with it and then scrub it off your dead cells and then wash your face with worm water, you can add sugar in it too.

Olive Oil, Coffee Ground Scrub make a mixture with coffee ground olive oil and scrub off all the dirt from your body and if you want to use it for your cellulites then you can use it for your body too.

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