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Eye care

eye careWhen you wake up and lay on bed and just open your eyes and  not go any where, your eyes start their work and they work whole day to help you to see thing and beauty of nature which always invite you with open arms.Eyes are the most prominent and important sense organ among the five sensory organ in our body.

Just imagine your life with out eyes by close your eyes to experience the life of person with out eyes.Within few minutes you would be able to know the importance of your eyes.Your eyes are the great gift of God so you should be careful about the health of your eyes. Healthy eyes are directly related and depend upon your general health.Poor diet with vitamin deficiency especially vitamin A and D make your eye sight weak.

Relax Your Eyes :These are the some ways by which you can relax your eyes.

  • Rotate your eyeballs clock wise and anti clock wise for twenty to thirty times in a day this will give your eyes a relax feeling.Note eye lids must close during this exercise.
  • Flutter both eyes at once and keep fluttering for ten to fifteen times after closing the eyes for some time.
  • Look at your reflection of eyes in to the mirror and so that you gaze your eyes .
  • Use apple juice to wipe your eyes once in a week that will keep your eyes bright and beautiful.eye x

Special Diet For Your Very Special Eyes :The most important diet for eyes is vitamin A enriched  food,you have to be well aware of those fruits and vegetables enriched  in vitamin A.Yellow fruits and vegetables  are good source of vitamin A, as well you can use cod liver oil and fish.Green leaves vegetables  and yolk of egg and butter are also enriched with vitamin A.So you must add these fruits and vegetables in your diet to enhance the beauty of your eyes.vitamin A

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