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Eye Makeup for Almond Eyes

Eye Makeup for Almond EyesEye Makeup for Almond Eyes is a trick with which you can get more broad appearance eyes. When you want to apply eye makeup on your eyes, stop for a while and check the shape at a glance, are you shaped your eye brows according to the right brow shape best for almond eye? The best shape of brows for almond eyes the inner thicker shaped brows, which is suggested by top beauticians. So Let start with our eye make up in these following steps.

Eye Makeup for Almond Eyes

  • Apply lighter shade of eye shadow on the outer most on eye lid just near your brow line.
  • Apply a lighter tone eye shadow on your crease line of eye and blend well with your blender eye brush.
  • In the inner side of your eye near tear duct you need to apply light shade of your eye shadow while outer edge should cover with darker shade.Blend the eye shade very well this will show your perfection in eye makeup.

Eye Makeup for Almond Eyes-

  • Never extend too mush out side the shadow in case of Almond eyes.
  • Apply Eye liner in a way so that it apply only near to natural line of your eyes just above the lash line, but you need not to make any kind of extension of eye liner on the outer corner of eye.Eye Makeup for Almond Eyes
  • Apply mascara in two coats, one basic coat is to dry for curler and after proper curling of your eyelashes you need to apply the second coat of mascara, this will make your eye fully broad and round shape look.

With these steps you can get more appealing look to impress any one.Hope this will help you to do your Eye Makeup for Almond Eyes.

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