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Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes Blue Eyes are very attractive and have some special appearance and for the makeup of blue eyes you must choose very tricky colors that give enhance feature look to blue eyes.Here we bring special and very appealing  Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes that give you the basic idea of the blue eyes perfect look.Let start with following easy steps.

  • Apply Indian Wood by mac product on your lid first as this only for the base finish and long last the life of the eye shadow.This is actually gold copper finish help to stay eye shadow on for long lasting on the eyelid.Apply only on the eye lid not the other side, away from the lid.
  • Dazzle light is the first eye shadow that you apply on the highest peak of the brow bone and just blended out below the eye brow line.I use to 252 brush for the application of dazzle light eye shadow.
  • For the crease color use brown script and for the application use 219 pencil brush and just lay some color from the outer corner to inner one.This will make the proper crease of the eye after blending with 222 brush,you can use your own 217 or any other blending brush and in a circular motion slightly blend the color.Start from the outer corner.
  • For the outer crease use Tete-A-Tint apply this  with the help of 224 brush to the outer crease of the eye just blend the color there and a natural crease prominent there for the next step.
  • Next take a Amber lights by mac to apply on eyelids with 222 brush, apply on the mid of the eye lid move towards outer corner and blend smoothly up to complete blending.Don’t sweep any color as here the requirement is to apply more and more shades on the eyelids.
  • Now take another highlighter of your own choice I like to apply nyon in silver white tone, apply this on the inner most edge of the eye near to eye duct with the help of 219 brush.
  • Take Mac fluid liner and apply this with the help of  263 brush to give crease and high lightening to your lash line and apply liner perfectly.For perfect eye liner application you learn some basic tricks.You can use liquid liner or pencil liner too according to your own choice.
  • Apply natural hair eye lashes and apply just under close to your lash line and apply mascara in two coats to give them natural long curly look.


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