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Eyeshadow Tips And Tricks

Eyeshadow Tips And TricksHere are some very effective Eyeshadow Tips And Tricks which will give you ideas about doing makeup of your eyes and help you to get better and impressive look.There are so many things you ever read or herd by any one about your eye makeup but i guaranteed  you these are the best tips for your eye makeup try these and get desired look.So lets start with our tricks.

The First Trick:The first trick about your eyeshadow application is the blending so there are three main color you apply on your eyelid,eye bone and special color for your eye crease.So always start from lighter to darker.Apply a light shade of eyeshadow on the tear ducts. Apply a dark eye shadow on the corner of your eyes.
Color Selection  Is The Second Important Thing: Choose your color palette. To make the eyes look lush, use eye colors that blend well with your hair color.If you have brown hair, use dark brown, chocolate, or gold colors. Those with blond hair should wear ice blue, taupe, white, or cream colors. If you’ve got gorgeous gray hair, use a gray color or baby blue or light purple color.At the same time, contrasting colors make eyes pop too.Making up a smokey eye, Keep color to the lid and just under the lower lash line. Don’t extend color above the crease.

Eyeshadow Tips And Tricks
Highlighting Secret: Some people are not well aware of the importance of highlighting Highlighter can make or break your look ,but some do the mistake  to  use dark color on brow bone as a highlighter that not look natural just add drama to your makeup so To make eyes pop, extend the line slightly beyond the crease of the outer eye. This makes your eyes look larger. If you want deep set eyes, extend the line slightly beyond the crease again, but move the line up to the brow bone. For added definition, dust your entire eyelid with a light to medium neutral tone. Using a larger shadow brush, apply loose translucent powder to the entire eyelid to help set and blend.Always apply natural color to your brow bone.

Eyeshadow Tips And Tricks
Important To Note: When applying dark shadow to the crease of your eye, be careful to blend only on the outside edge. Get to close to the eye and you’ll cause your eyes to look teeny and beady.
Set Shadow With A Great Base: Primers are very important  right now because they help set makeup that stays for hours. This is the best way to keep your makeup set in a place for several hours.
Pair Shadow With Your Lips: This is very very important thing to note how you should pair your eyeshadow with your lipstick.Here i give you an example of red lips pair,With red lips you should  cover unsightly blue lines on lids with a concealer or shadow primer and then keep eyeshadow light.

Eyeshadow Tips And Tricks
Use White Color Eye Pencil: White color have magic to give a broad look to your eyes. If you apply a dot of white pencil on the inside of the eye near the tear duct It  will make eyes look brighter.
Shimmer Gives You A Gorgeous Look: Shimmer makes eyes really pop, but it can highlights heavy lids, lines and wrinkles. If you don’t have wrinkled eyelids then   try this great look for shimmer: create a “nude” lid, but apply a bit of gold shimmer to the brow bone.

Hope You will learn a lot from these tips and tricks for eyeshadow,In my next article i will bring some tips of eye makeup of different eye shapes so keep in touch and take care with carenstyle.

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