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Fab Eye Makeup Tips

Fab Eye Makeup Tips
Fab Eye Makeup Tips that Work For You

Fab Eye Makeup Tips Applying makeup isn’t a huge undertaking as it seems when you stand in the midst of a makeup aisle . There are many true tricks and real trips of makeup that you can try while doing makeup.Mostly girls like makeup that’s why it consider the best friend of girls sometimes it can be enemy too because it isn’t performed correctly and the colors that you use don’t flatter your skin tone . There are various colors of Eye shadow shades of makeup that you can choose according to your complexion and eye color best.
With the passage of time there are plenty of eye makeup styles have been created , and latest techniques that offer women many benefits when come the trend of beauty and style. As different people have different facial features and eye shapes that’s why it’s important to adapt the eye makeup according to your eye shape and try to hide the flaws of your eyes and enhance the qualities of your eyes . so here are fabulous variety of eye makeup styles that you can choose .
Tip no 1:
Always start your makeup with clean face , if you simply wash your face without any soap and face wash it isn’t enough because previous oil and makeup traces isn’t remove from your skin . you will have to use special creams and cleansing agents to get this goal.
Tip No 2
If you want to make your eyes wider apply the mascara to the bottom lashes also because mostly makeup artists recommended applying mascara only to the topo lashes. Try to use tissue under your lashes before the application of mascara and never pump your mascara in and out of the tube .
Tip No 3
Use only liquid eyeliner , try to apply the liner from the middle lash line outward of your eye .then finsh the line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle.
Tip No 4
You can also apply a dot of white shadow or pencil at near the tear duct , it will make your eyes brighter and you won’t believe that how opening eye give the bright look.
Tip No 5
If a women have the perfect shaped of brows they can look preety with the best makeup . use the pencil to fill the spars of brow and apply from the inside of the brow out. Then carefully rub brows with a brush of your fingertrips to soften the effect.

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