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Face Care

Face Care The most important part of your body to care is your face and Face care required more attention on daily basis.Many thing you have to do for the protection of your face skin, these are very easy to do but are very effective to save your facial skin.

Cleansing:By keeping in view your skin type you must clean your skin regularly.Face care depends upon your skin type and the quality of your skin care can improve easily if you are well aware of your skin type,it can be oily,dry,combination or luckily normal.Here are few noticeable things to do for better cleansing, these are very simple and easy to do so let you know

  • A good face cleanser is a key to skin care as your face skin is little bit sensitive as compare to other parts of boy so don;t use soap on your face it is recommended by most skin specialist that only use soap on the area below to your neck like your face your neck is also very important as it tells your age on this we will talk latter.
  • Cleanser should be water base for three types of skin accept dry skin they can use other cleanser but clean your face twice a day it is strongly recommended.
  • Over cleaning skin also harmful for your face skin, people having oily skin use to wash face again and again for the removal of excess oil but this is not good way to get rid of excess oil from your face just wipe off  your face after some time it is not good to touch your face skin again and again try to avoid this habit as this can cause a mark on your skin.

Exfoliation: This is very effective technique to clear your skin from excessive oil, dirt and dead cells from upper skin layer.Have you ever notice why the skin of men look more youthful compare to women?Its due to exfoliation which is done by daily shaving.

  • Scrubs is the best to exfoliate your skin but the way to apply it and your attention towards skin loving product can make the better result.When ever you are going to buy scrub keep this in your mind it should be mild scrub with tiny grains as big grain scratch your skin and may tear it.You should use scrub once in a week in a gentle way.
  • After scrubbing a peal off mask is recommended by many beauty experts,it will give your skin a youthful effect and a noticeable  glow to your skin.
  • A good toner is also need to apply on your face if you think your skin is still oily then you can apply it but a good cleanser and exfoliation already do this.

Moisturizing :What your skin type and what you  already done with your skin no matter but in my view your skin needs a good moisturizer for its health and softness,Moisturizer fix moisture into your skin.

Apply Sunscreen: The secret of good,young and healthy skin is sunscreen as it protect your skin from aging and dryness.Always choose skin moisturizers having sunscreen UV protection.

Hope you will take good care of your skin.

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