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Face Cleanser For Summer

Face Cleanser For Summer0I was getting fed up of switching different face washes and other skin care creams and lotions to look after my skin in summer and be honest, nothing ever worked for my skin which is very irritating and sensitives at the same time, and I was kind of giving up and I thought than nothing is ever going to work for my skin during the summer and I will always get all of these dark patches, pimples, blackheads, acne and pimples during the summer, but then I got that magical thing that I am going to share with you today;Face Cleanser For Summer2
The home made face cleanser I am going to share with you is very good for dry and oily skin and it is not only very effective and safe for skin, but it is very healthy and helpful for extra dry skin too.Face Cleanser For Summer4
First of all you need to wash your face with lukewarm water and then splash some chilled water on the face and then cut half a cucumber into pieces, and then you need to take a big lemon and squeeze the juice out of it now you need to mix the ingredients and smash it together and it look and smell very great and then we will take the mixture and apply that all over the face for 10-20 minutes, if you feel some kind of burning or irritating sensation then you don’t need to worry it would be some cut or peeled skin and lime is making harsh sensation and then wash your face with chilled water,Face Cleanser For Summer3

never use sop of anything like that with lime and then you will feel that your skin would feel very worm and smooth and cleaned, now you can try this thing every day if you are a working person and you go out in sunshine all the time, and then the best thing that you can do to your face is apply some honey and a drop of rose water or glycerin for as long as possible and then wash it off with chilled water to get beautiful and healthy moisturized skin naturally, and trust me, you would start loving the season summer with your moon like face;)Face Cleanser For Summer1

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