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Feet Care Tips for rough and Dry Feet


It is winter season and many people are facing  the dry and rough problems . Any one like to have neet and clean feet with out any damage. In winter season feet become rough and dry so for keeping your feet soft and smooth you must pay attention on your feet. In market there are many feet cream avail now a days that can be perfect for your feet. In this post we gonna tell you some tips about for your dry feet.Feet Care Tips for rough and Dry Feet


There are Many feet tips from get rid to dry and roughness. Here are some tips that will help you to get rid the dryness .
In market there are many foot wear but you must choose the right one like keep in your mind the comfort level rather than the fashion and only go for those shoes that are cozy for your feet. Only take those shoes that are stylish and cozy .
Another importent thing is that you must apply feet cream on your feet because we only apply creams on our hands and face but we don’t put attention on our feet but you must apply cream on your feet on daily basis. When we don;t take attention on our feet then dry and rough come on our feet.
When you wash your feet then you must avoid very hot water and very cool water because hot water will crack your feet so, only use Luke warm water for your feet.
Avoid from walking with bare feet because the bacteria will enter in your feet skin and your feet will dry and rough.
If you are habitual of soaking your feet in water then only soak your feet only for the 5 mintues.because soaking for the long time will rough your feet.


So we suggest that you must use oily creams ,foot scrub and pumice stone for keeping your feet neat and clean from any dryness or roughness.

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