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FINE JEWELLERY’s Photos By Sara Taseer

FINE JEWELLERY's Photos - Specials For Malaysia ShowSara Taseer in an innovative designer who start her work in Pakistan just two years ago, she opened her jewelry store on Qaddafi Stadium Lahore.A contemplative and well spoken young women is in fashion jewelry service so let her join for trendy and chic jewelry designs.She fixated with her work that give her immense pleasure and fulfills her many needs.She manufacture her jewelry in Hong Kong and Singapore,there she make high quality jewelry of the world.In her recent FINE JEWELLERY’s Photos – Specials For Malaysia Show her work witness for her hardworking and competitive jewelry designer.

Her Jewelry is unique as she create a mix between East and West.It is contemporary with an ethnic touch and she control carving to add more and more color.In her Jewelry Dot collection, circular motif and Chand Bali is very popular.

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