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First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

pregnancyWhen a women miss her period,then  she come to know that she is pregnant.This is the beginning of your pregnancy and first three months of pregnancy are called First Trimester.It is the time that bring many changes in your body and the most important to take your diet as your body requirement. The symptoms of first trimester are:

  • Frequent urination
  • Your breast will more tender, swallow and sore.
  • You fell much tired than usual.
  • You some time more sensitive to certain smell in cooking as well as of perfumes.
  • Some women may face some spotting or light bleeding.
  • Some women experience morning sickness and vomiting its normal don’t worry.

These are the symptoms that normally face by every lady during pregnancy but some women face some serious problem during pregnancy.

  • Some spotting is normal, but heavy bleeding could be a sign of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.
  • Some nausea and vomiting during your first trimester is normal, but if it crosses the line and becomes excessive, it can have
    serious consequences.
  • Temperature during pregnancy is not good but the low degree of temperature is not harmful as high temperature could harm your pregnancy.The temperature during pregnancy could certain birth defects  as neural tube defects as  it is forming during the first trimester.
  • Pain or burning during urination may they can lead to more
    serious illness, infection, preterm labor, and preterm birth.

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