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Five Lipstick Application Tricks Your Must Know

Five Lipstick Application Tricks Your Must KnowWearing lip makeup is an instant way to update your personality, making you look extra-stunning and gorgeous. But, putting on lipstick isn’t as simple and easy as it sounds. If not applied sparingly, using the right tools and techniques, the lippie can make you look like a clown. Therefore, it’s very important to learn right makeup tricks so as to ensure the just right effect. Here are given some easy and helpful techniques for you:

Keep them smooth

This first and foremost lipstick trick you need to follow for a perfect application is to keep your lips smooth and crack-free. If you’re experiencing cracked lips, get them repaired with a quality lip balm or cream. Also exfoliate the lips with a lip-scrub or soft-bristled tooth brush to slough off any dead cells that make your lips look dull and dreary. You may also want to use an oatmeal-honey mixture over them to retain their softness.

Apply powder/foundation beforehand

This is an amazing lipstick trick to follow. Dusting a little loose powder over the lips or applying some foundation before putting on lipstick with not only make your lip color last long but delivers your lips a pouty appearance.

Take off excess color

Our third lipstick application trick is all about getting rid of any excess color that may ruin your overall look by spilling out or staining your lips. So, after you’re done with lipstick, pat it with any brush to remove any extra product. You may also want to use a tissue for this purpose.

Create fuller effect

It’s a wonderful makeup technique for those having thinner lips as it allows you to create the illusion of a fuller, plumper pucker. The stuff needed to create the effect includes two different shades of lipliners as well as lippies. After you’ve pulled the required stuff together, rim the upper lip-line with a lighter lip-liner and the lower with the darker one. Thereafter, apply a darker lip-color onto the lips and follow it with the lighter color applied right above the darker coat and you’re done!

Choose the right shade

Picking off the right lipstick shade keeping your coloring in mind is also of utmost importance when it comes to achieve the right lipstick look. The fair skinned gals should always settle on lighter lipstick shades whereas those having darker skin tones should stay with darker nuances to compliment their dark complexion. Medium shades are ideal for olive skin tones.

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