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Foods For Fresh Skin

Foods For Fresh SkinI know that summer is a very pressuring time for everyone, we want to look good and we want to look rocking in coming season of hot summer and we all want to know how to brighten up the skin how to get beautiful shine and healthy glow and how to look a natural beauty queen and how to look natural and flawless during the beach parties when sun highlight your beauty and your flaws too, so try these healthy food for natural bright skin and shiny eyes and glorious hair.

Eat nuts to get beautiful healthy shine and natural brightness and amazing flowing hair, so you need to see which nut is good for you like you can eat almonds, but if you get acne with that then soak them over a night in running water and then eat in the morning, you can eat all kind of nuts and if you are not allergic to nuts then try to get the best Vitamins and minerals that are loaded in nuts, just keep one handful snakes in your pocket and eat while you are walking and working and enjoy the natural looks.

I love this tip; just keep few stripes of Cheese in your lunch box and eat it with your lunch and provide the healthy fat to your skin to repair any damages you got ruing then winter and snow cold days.. Cheese is very good for preventing bacteria and cavities, but the best cheeses are Swiss and Cheddar for beautiful teeth and bright natural smile.

Blackberries are really very good to slow down your age clock and you can even make it go reverse with very simple ways, you just need to add any berry in your day to day life… all barriers are good to maintain the skins elasticity, keep your gums strong, and help your eyes to look bright and shiny without any cosmetic help.

Eat Avocado, but in moderation, you would not believe that an avocado is full with fats, one fruit that is fattier than fat, but it will help you get moisturized skin and keep it wrinkle free and give a shiny gloss to your hair and make your nails and hands look shiny and fresh like hand of a kid. You can even use it for face mask 4 times a week for moisturized and beautiful face and healthy skin.

Oats is can be prove the best food in summer no matter what, it is good for your healthy lifestyle, but it is really good for your systems and your beautiful skin and healthy body too, you would not believe that if your body is working the way it should then you never need to apply moisturizer to your skin.

Eat Salmon and Tuna for ageless beauty, you can look at least 5 years younger if you start eating salmon 5 times a week and you will start noticing some healthy and drastic weight loss too, you will not only lose inches, but you will lose some KGs too…. salmon even make your face tissues tight and they give you a teenager look.
Enjoy lots of happy an beautiful moments in this summer.

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