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Foot Care That Help For Healthy Life & Taking Care of Your Feet

Foot Care: As a human body have the most dynamic structures and the foot is one of them. Foot has a special link to man because it provides the most effective physical contact with the environment .that why it’s too responsible for successful regulation of initial and final contact of the body to the ground. The foot must also provide support to the human body and tell him how to stand in the line.

Foot Care That Help

Foot Care That Help

Foot pain can affect on any part of your foot from your toes to your Achilles tendon at the back of your heel. So, if you feel pain in your foot you can’t move easily because foot pain may be serious, especially if it’s the result of injury or certain chronic conditions. If you have a light pain in your foot so, you may do well treatment at home .or if you have more severe pain in your foot then you need medical treatment.Caring For Your Hands & Feet During Monsoons

For good foot care do some practice like check your feet regularly if you have any problem go for podiatrists and primary care doctors who are qualified to treat most foot problem.Your Feet Hold Clues to Clogged Arteries — Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic


Circulation helps you to keep blood circulating to your feet or, you can do this easily by, Foot Care That Help :

  • When you sit or lay try to put your feet up
  • If you’ve had to sit for a long time try to do stretching
  • Gentle walking
  • Have a gentle foot message
  • Take a warm foot bath
  • Avoid from that shoes which are not properly fit in your feet
  • Don’t expose your feet to cold temperature
  • Don’t sit with your legs cross
  • Avoid from smoke
  • Wearing only comfortable shoes which fit in your feet

Proper shoe fit:

Feet TipsHere are some tips to take fit shoes;

  • As you grow older the size of your feet changes according to your age so, whenever you want to take any new pair of shoes always measured your feet before buying a shoes ss
  • The best time for measured your feet is the night time when your feet become largest
  • Avoid taking the shoes by the size marked in side the shoe but trying a shoe in your foot if it is fit in your foot then taking it.
  • Try to select that shoe which shape is similar like your foot;
  • Don’t buy that shoes in which you feel uncomfortable and you feel too tight and you expect them to stretch to fit.
  • Try to choose those shoes which upper should be made of a soft and flexible material;
  • When you go market for buying shoe prefer that shoe which made of leather because leather shoes can reduce the possibility of skin irritation.
  • Your selection of shoes should be solid footing and not be slippery.
  • Than the high heeled shoes, low heeled shoes are more comfortable safer and less damaging.
  • Thick soles cushion your feet when walking on hard surface,Foot Care That Help .

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