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Free Makeup Tips

Free Makeup tips Here you will guide to use makeup techniques at home that are use by the professionals and some Free Makeup Tips to make it easy for you to makeup application. When ever you want to apply makeup keep these things in your mind this will help you to do best makeup at home.Your makeup involve in basic  steps.

  1. Make flawless Base
  2. Eyes makeup
  3. Shading, highlighting And Blushing
  4. Apply Lipstick and lip liner

Make flawless Base:

Foundations provide the perfect base for the application of the rest of your make up products.You should pick the color that match your skin tone and its blending is most important so that it looks your own skin color not as you put an extra coat on your face.Foundation should apply on your face after cleansing and before apply any makeup on your face because other products may not blend on naked  skin as foundation.

Use Powder Foundation

Always use powder foundation just after applying liquid,it will adds the finishing touch to your foundation and keeps you looking fresh throughout the day. Be careful do not to use too much powder, particularly  around the eyes where the excess powder can settle into the fine lines.

Generally, moist products are applied first and other powders follow. But when you use powder foundation, you apply the concealer first. Then, using a latex sponge, spread the foundation across the whole face including eyelids, but not the lips.

Eyes makeup:

Eye makeup should enhance your eye’s shape and color.Here’s the general rule to apply eye make up tips. You need to use four different-colored shadows as follows;

  • Apply eye make up tips in a neutral-toned base
  • Main color
  • A lighter shade for highlighting
  • A darker shade for emphasizing

Apply base is the secret to keep your eyeshadow in one place for several hours.After make  a base there is need to apply eye shadow which is the most important and some what tricky step so be attentive Start with a light color that almost matches your lid. Sweep the color across the lid and up to your brow bone. Follow with a medium color across your lid only. Build on this with a darker color in the crease. Blend the colors well. With a gold or pink highlighter , draw a v-shaped shape that follows the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom. Blend with your fingers.Curl  your eyelashes and then apply mascara.

Shading , highlighting And  Blushing:

This is time to highlight you cheeks and contour your some feature to attain an attractive look.Use a medium sized round brush, swirl it in your blush on and dust off any excess powder. Smile widely and brush it lightly in circular motion on the apples of the cheeks.Blend it well so it doesn’t appear blotchy and keeps a uniform color on the cheeks.

Apply Lipstick and lip liner:

Use a natural beige or lightened lipstick for an all-day . Make the lip contours as soft as possible.Use neutral or lipstick-matched liner. Starting at the center of your upper lip, draw a line to each outer corner, following the edge of your natural lip line.Fill in color all over lips if you want extra holding power for your lipstick.

Chill lip pencil in the refrigerator for a few minutes to make sharpening easier. A dusting of powder or bit of foundation beneath lipstick can maximize its staying power. Either can dry lips, though, so use a creamy formula lipstick.Stretch your lips and starting at the center of top or bottom, glide color to corners. Blot, reapply and blot again for longer-lasting color. A lip brush gives you the most precision in applying lipstick.

Hope you will learn something from these Free Makeup Tips its my try to bring some thing of your need, if you want to know more then keep in touch.

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